Google Flights Unique Features

Google Flight is one of the famous flight’s search engines on the internet. Its unique features make it distinguishable among its competitors. One of them is to Getting you a low price for your Flights; there are other features in Google flights. These features are also unique in their approach to providing you a different thing about booking the tickets. In this blog, we are going to tell you some of those features. After reading it, we are sure; you are going to get more from Google flights.

How to track History In Google flights

Now, If you are a regular traveler, you need to keep an eye on about where you did travel or planning to. Not many users know, from where in google flight, you can track your planning history, when you schedule your travel details. It would help if you kept a tab, where did you want to Go.

However, here on Google flights, You are easily able to do it. Let’s say; You are planning to Go to Five different places Than you start searching for planes.

However, in finding for the cheapest deals, you lost tracks of some meager prices. So, How do you get them back without searching for them? Go to Google flights; Then You click on ‘Trips.’ On this page, you are going to see, every trip planning you have created. So, Via this, you are easily to note down your past searched as well. If you do not need a place to see, You can delete it as well. For thirty days, it won’t show on google flight. It’s ideal for when two sites have similar names,

However, when you have searched for a trip, If you made multiple sought, You will be able to see only one flight search.

Google Flights explore the feature

This is another feature, what Make Google flight unique. When you are not sure where you want to go on the next holiday, this feature gives you various places to explore. You can even explore for a destination in your Budget.

So, This is the two feature which Makes Google flights amazing. You can use these traits to make your traveling much better.